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Ready for both static and streaming data

This library make the difference. You don't need to implement your own functions to synchronize your stream data. Proteic.js does it automatically for you.


Proteic.js is 100% responsive, adaptable to all devices.

Open source

Proteic.js is an open-source project. Our goal is to create and maintain this visualization tool that you can use for visualize both your streaming and static data. Also, you can contribute to the project by reporting bugs or sending PRs with some improvements.


Support for streaming and static data is direclty supported through datasources, instead of the classical 'data' attribute :). Check out how it works.



let chart = new proteic.Barchart(data);

Linechart with streaming data

let ws = new WebSocket('wss://localhost:3000/linechart');
var dsLines = new proteic.WebsocketDatasource(ws);
new proteic.Linechart([]).datasource(dsLines);
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Proteic.js is part of the PROTEUS project, funded by the European Union under the H2020 programme.

PROTEUS is an EU H2020 funded research project to evolve massive online machine learning strategies for predictive analytics and real-time interactive visualization methods – in terms of scalability, usability and effectiveness dealing with extremely large data sets and data streams – into ready to use solutions, and to integrate them into enhanced version of Apache Flink, the EU Big Data platform. PROTEUS project is being carried out by an international consortium of 6 partners including Treelogic (creators of Lambdoop), DFKI (part of the team creator of Apache Flink), ArcelorMitall (worlds’s leading steel company), Lambdoop/Novelti (startup focused on streaming analytics) and Trilateral (policy and regulatory advice on new technologies).

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